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1./ LEGAL VALUE. In commercial operations in which European Energy World SL, hereinafter Eurener, acts as a supplier, only these General Conditions of Sale, hereinafter CGV, order orders and proformas issued by the supplier and, if any, the contracts will have legal value. signed by the parties. The Spanish version of the GTC has legal validity, the version in any other language is for purely informative purposes, with the Spanish version prevailing in the event of discrepancies. The GTC are included in Eurener’s quotes, purchase orders and proformas, as well as published at: https://eurenergroup.com

2./ FORMALIZATION OF THE CONTRACT. The acceptance of order orders issued by Eurener, through acceptance by email, signing of contracts or the total or partial payment of its proformas implies acceptance of the GTC.

3./ WITHDRAWAL AND NON-COMPLIANCE. Eurener and its clients have two (2) days to withdraw from the contract, with the client being able to claim the return of payments made. Unless agreed between the parties, any subsequent withdrawal will be considered a breach of contract. In the event of non-compliance, the customer, as responsible, undertakes to pay the resulting losses and damages, including: the waiver of the return of any payment, the payment of the total value of the product, the payment of the logistical and financial costs generated, as well as compensation for any other damage caused. In the event of non-compliance by Eurener, it is obliged to return the advance payments received. As a reservation, Eurener reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute related to non-payment of a previous order or for any other legitimate reason related to delay payments.

4./ PAYMENTS. Advances and invoices must be paid in full on the due dates agreed in the purchase orders, proformas and contracts. Otherwise, the client will be in default on the day after that due date. From that date Eurener is entitled to receive interest for non-payment in the amount of five (5) percentage points above the base interest rate at that time from the European Central Bank. The client will be responsible for paying all costs related to payment issues, procedures and related documents.

5./ CURRENCY. All prices are in euros (€) unless expressly indicated in another currency. The final prices include applicable taxes, in the case of VAT (VAT) expressly.

6./ SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS. Eurener will communicate the delivery of the contracted product at least one day before its arrival. If there are any, unless otherwise agreed, customs clearance charges, taxes and levies resulting from the delivery of the product remain under the exclusive responsibility and payment of the customer. Product warranties do not cover damage incurred in transportation, manual or lift loading, or truck-to-truck handling of the product. In no case will Eurener be responsible for possible delays once the product is available to the transport company contracted for delivery to the customer. In the event that the client does not collect, does not receive or fails to comply with any other duty of cooperation in the business, it will be responsible for the possible costs caused and will compensate any profit loss claimed by Eurener. Eurener has the right to dispose of the product not paid for, not collected or not received on time by the client, without less demanding the rights granted by the client’s breach of contract. All sales have the legal treatment of delivery under ExWorks conditions (according to INCOTERM 2020), regardless of whether the contracting and shipping to the destination chosen by the client is managed by Eurener. The risk and consequences of possible loss, theft or accidental deterioration of the product will be borne by the client after the merchandise has been delivered by Eurener to the transport agency.

7./ RETURNS / WARRANTIES / RESPONSIBILITY FOR DEFECTS. Upon receipt of the product, the client has the obligation to review the cargo and note on the delivery note or International Road Transport Contract (CMR) any incident detected, sign and seal the document. If you cannot review upon delivery, you must note “pending review” on the delivery note or CMR, sign and seal the document. Once the product has been received, the client has the obligation to examine it and notify, in writing, within a maximum period of seven (7) calendar days after delivery of the material, of any non-conformity. In case of non-conformity, you must process a return merchandise authorization (RMA, Return Merchandise Authorization) to Eurener indicating the reason for the return request. When, for whatever reason, the customer returns the product to Eurener, they will always do so after obtaining an RMA return number. Without the RMA return number assigned, Eurener will not accept returns or take responsibility for the product. No RMAs will be processed after the period of 7 calendar days stipulated after delivery of the product. Any subsequent claim must be made by the customer in accordance with the Warranty Conditions that Eurener has granted to the product and which are available on its website: https:/ /eurenergroup.com

In the event of a return accepted by Eurener, the customer will deliver the product with all its components, manuals and original packaging, in perfect condition. Once the RMA number is obtained, the customer must ship the product within three (3) business days. The shipping costs of any RMA will be assumed by the customer in both directions, return and replacement if applicable. Eurener does not accept any returns with postage due. Eurener is not responsible for possible defects in the equipment or delays in the delivery of products that are not of its brand such as inverters, structures, monitoring…

8./ JURISDICTION / APPLICABLE LEGISLATION / PRIVACY. The sale of Eurener products is subject to Spanish law. Any dispute regarding the interpretation, execution or termination of the contract made between Eurener and the buyer, even in the event of plurality of defendants, will be, in the absence of an amicable agreement, the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Valencia, Spain. Any difference or cancellation regarding these GTC will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Valencia, Spain.

9./ CONTACT AND SERVICE HOURS. Eurener provides service through the e-mail contact@eurenerworld.com, by telephone at the number (+34) 960 045 515 and through its employees, during working hours (except week-end and holidays in the city of Valencia, Spain) published in its website, at its headquarters at Calle Colón 1-23, 46004 Valencia, Spain. Eurener reserves the right to terminate or modify the current GTC, in whole or in part, without prior notice. In accordance with Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, your data is part of a file owned by Eurener whose purpose is to develop commercial activity and provide the necessary information, having the client has the right to access, rectify and cancel their data by writing to Eurener.