• Calle Colón, 1-23. 46004, Valencia. España.


| Mission

Eurener is an industrial group established in 1997 in the European Center for Innovative Enterprises (CEEI). Throughout these 25 years of experience, we have developed a production process and know-how that has resulted in a certified product of high quality and multiple applications, establishing a relationship of total trust with our customers thanks to our personalized service.

| Vision

At Eurener, we are working towards a 100% renewable and sustainable planet. This commitment means that our main purpose has been to supply sustainable and long-lasting photovoltaic modules that will allow future generations to continue generating clean energy to take care of our planet.

| Values

Since our beginnings, we have worked to promote solar energy globally, strengthening multiple partners in different countries and continents. We have always been driven to work under the standards of quality, commitment and demand of a family business with a culture based on effort, creativity and excellence.

Much more than energy!