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Productive process

Thanks to our qualified technical staff and more than 25 years of experience, we have perfected each step of our production process to optimise and add value to it.
We have different suppliers of raw materials of the highest quality at a global level, with whom we have been working for more than 15 years, and who help us to provide a higher quality product.
Our robotised production lines and a quarterly industrial and supply planning, helps us meet the demands of our most demanding customers. Our wide product range, as well as the possibility of manufacturing ad hoc modules, and a know-how acquired after many years of experience, results in a reliable and robust product, with quality finishing and high long-term performance.


Thanks to our warehouses in Spain and Central Europe, and together with our Premium Partners in different countries, Eurener offers a logistics service that takes our modules wherever you need them: to the site or to your warehouse


Eurener photovoltaic modules have evolved to become not only one of the most efficient, but also one of the most environmentally friendly options on the market.

  • We use renewable energy in the manufacture of our modules thanks to a self-consumption photovoltaic installation in our own factory, reducing the environmental impact from the start.
  • We have a liquid and solid waste treatment system integrated into the installation.
  • Zero gas emissions, as we have a specialised treatment system integrated into the factory.
  • The heat produced during the process is reused to heat the factory itself.
  • Spain is one of the most sustainable countries in Europe, 40% of the energy comes from renewable sources and approximately 60% comes from sources without CO2 emissions.

At Eurener we generate energy. We generate confidence.