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Innovation, efficiency, resistence...

There are many terms to define Eurener products. We prefer to simply say “more than energy”. Because “more than energy” is to have an optimal and prolonged performance. “More than energy” is to be able to generate electricity in a clean and respectful way and to be able to integrate the photovoltaic with the least visual impact …


Manufactured under the most rigorous standards of European industry, our photovoltaic modules have the most rigorous certifications. A robust and resistant design adds a concern for the aesthetics that makes us spoil every detail in the finishes of our modules, achieving a perfect union between resistence, performance and beauty.

Qualities of our module

Here below some of the Eurener module characteristics:

  • Anodized aluminum frame with air chamber and grip lines (more robustness and better handling)
  • Connection box with IP67 (greater electrical safety than the one required in certifications)
  • Connectors with 1m cable (allows to connect modules in  string alternating the pairs)
  • Tempered glass with low iron content (less reflection of light)
  • Excellent working at high temperatures (lower performance loss from 25ºC)

Eurener is quality. Quality is performance