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  1. f. Reliable quality.
  2. f. Probability of something with good working.

Since 1997 our work has been based on establishing a relationship of total trustness with our clients. Thanks to our personalized service and our certified and guaranteed photovoltaic modules, all our customers always get the maximum satisfaction in their experience of buying  Eurener.

European trademark

Since our foundation in 1997 at the European Center of Innovative Enterprises in Alicante, Spain, Eurener has never stopped working under the standards of quality, commitment and self  demands of a culture based on effort, creativity and excellence. We are proud of the best of our European and Mediterranean heritage. And happy to share it with partners and customers from all over the world.


In Eurener we are committed to contributing to a sustainable world. A world in which the environment is not always sacrificed in the name of development and in which we can benefit from the natural resources that, like the Sun, is inexhaustible. This commitment makes our maximum that is manufacturing efficient and profitable photovoltaic modules that allow us to generate energy in a clean way to all our customers, making them part of this commitment with our planet.

20 years making a better world