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MEPV COLOURED Series from 350 to 360Wp

Solar panels that shine in every tones.

Enhance your style with vibrant colours. Solar panels that blend seamlessly to give every surface a unique glow.

Half cut technology

The parallel connection of the half-cell modules maintains production when one of the parts is shaded.
This increases efficiency and reliability reducing the appearing of hot spots and dismisin cell degradation.

Improved energy yield under unfavourable conditions

Cells capable of absorbing light during dawn and sunset.
Better response to diffuse light (dusty or cloudy skies).

Optimized area (<2m²) 

Perfect size for comfortable installations and easy handling
Maintaining suitable power outputs


Perfect module for architectural integration.

Wide variety of applications

Perfect for integration in greenhouses and agrovoltaic aplications.
Also suitable for carports or other types of roofs.

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