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Monocrystalline modules: HALF-CUT Series

Half-Cell Tecnhology.

The half-cut technology reduces thermal losses by reducing the cell size and increasing the number of cells per module, allowing a higher module power output to be obtained than with a conventional modulee.


MBB Tecnology.

The increase in the number of Busbars reduces internal resistance losses by reducing the distance between the BB.

The Busbars used are thinner and more rounded to increase the light absorption and thus increase the module’s surface area.

Avoids shading losses.

The parallel connection of the Half-Cut modules allows production to be maintained when one of the parts is shaded. This increases efficiency and reliability, reduces the occurrence of micro-cracks and reduces cell degradation.

Split junction box.

New, optimized split junction box divided into three.

Split junction boxes keep the temperature lower than a single junction box.

Frame optimization.

We use 30/35 mm frames that make the panel easier to handle.

By reducing the size of the frame, we optimize transport by being able to add more modules per truck, thus reducing transit and storage costs and the associated CO2 emissions.

Versatile and cost-effective module.

More power in less space for fast amortization.

Reduces the total price of the installation and improves the rate of return on large investments.

Technology that fits residential, industrial and large installations.

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