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Monocrystalline modules: ULTRA Series

Advanced technology.

By avoiding the Busbars and interconnections on the front of the module, we achieve a much more aesthetically pleasing product that blends in better with any surface.

No Busbar.

Free of Busbar and interconnections for perfect aesthetics.

Soldering free.

Connections through a conductive foil.

Higher efficiency.

The BB free technology increases the surface area of the module, increasing efficiency by up to 21.3%.

By eliminating the BB, we avoid the loss due to shading of the Busbars.

Greener lead-free modules.

Lead-free and soldering-free technology makes our ULTRA range one of the most environmentally friendly on the market. In addition, by producing more Wp per m2 we reduce the carbon footprint of transport.

30 years performance warranty.

ULTRA modules are covered by a performance warranty of up to 30 years, improving the return on the initial investment. Investments that add up.

Increased reliability

The technology excels by using a conductive foil on the back of the module, thus avoiding the soldering process that causes added stress to the cell.

This reduces the risk of micro-cracks, less degradation and reduced thermal stress on the cell to provide long-term durability.

Higher mechanical strength

Front loading 5400Pa / Back loading 2400Pa

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