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Monocrystalline modules: ULTRA PREMIUM Series

Advanced technology.

By avoiding the Busbars and interconnections on the front of the module, we achieve a much more aesthetically pleasing product that blends in better with any surface.

IBC technology

Interdigitated back contact. Removing the busbars from the front side reduces the effect of shadows on the solar cells.

N-type cell

Due to their composition, offer higher performance and efficiency than P-type cells and reduce the LID and LeTID effect.

Higher efficiency

Efficiency of more than 22%.

Premium integration

Total black appeareance without connections on the front size for a perfect integration in facades and roofs.

30 years warranty

The performance warranty has been increased 90% at 30th year.

Better temp. coefficient (-0,29%/ºC)

This allows higher power output in difficult conditions for the silicon.

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Eurener, premium aesthetics for total integration.