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TOTAL 60 warranty

The Eurener modules have warranties above the market average, 15 years of product and 25 years of performance warranty. Our engineers calculate the annual degradation of around 0.8% per year.

Our  R+D+I department has a know-how of more than 20 years in the sector. This experience is based on hundreds of MW installed that generate energy all around the world since 1997.

PREMIUM Aesthetics

During the development of the TOTAL BLACK modules, our aim was to satisfy the most demanding aesthetics needs of our PREMIUM customers. The perfect module for architectural integration was achieved with completely black cells interconnections and busbars. Thanks to its modern design and easy integration into roofs, the product will increase the value of your property.

Efficiency and durability

Thanks to the improved temperature coefficients, modules performance has been optimized for cloudy or low radiation days. This competitive advantage makes Total Black especially attractive for installations in Central and North Europe.

The module presents higher efficiency per m2 in comparison with similar 60-cells mono modules (+3%). That’s why it’s ideal to make maximum use of the reduced spaces.

The reinforced frame structure of our modules makes them to withstand the most adverse weather conditions. Eurener modules have an excellent performance during 25 years lifetime.


Every detail counts. External laboratories certificates prove the quality of the components and finishing:


• Black welding strips + black string interconnections
• Adaptability to conventional mounting systems
• Hail resistance certificate (VKF/AEAI laboratory)
• Fire resistance certificate (LAPI laboratory)
• 6 diodes Connection box / IP67 / waterproof seal
• Inside camera and robust 40mm frame
• Positive tolerance
• 1 meter cable

In the convential modules the shading of 1 cell affects the output of 20 cells by diode, causing a significant decrease in the production and the output.
High quality Superior modules, with 6 by pass diodes, protect more cells improving the modules performance. 1 shaded cell would affect only the cells in the string (10 cells), while the rest will continue generating power.

Now the Sun in “TOTAL BLACK”